Liposuction Winchester VA

Liposuction is a big deal. There are many advantages including improved health, and removal of fat and cellulite. Here you will have access to the finest liposuction surgery centers around Winchester. Have all your questions on lipoplasty answered. Find the cosmetic surgery surgeon who will explain all the lipo procedures including liposuction recovery and tips after liposuction in Winchester, VA.


If you have a few trouble areas on your body that you just cannot seem to lose the weight, it may be worthwhile to look into liposuction procedures .

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a procedure that can be performed in the clinic or at a hospital depending on the amount of fat to be removed.

Basically, liposuction can eliminate fat from purposely targeted areas of the body thereby creating a more preferred shape. Liposuction is most often used for the following areas:

• Thighs

• Abdomen

• Buttocks

• Hips

• Thighs

• Calves

• Arms

• Back

After receiving an anesthetic, a small stainless steel instrument called a cannula is inserted through tiny incisions to remove excess fat by suction or with a syringe.

Types of liposuction

• Tumescent liposuction involves injecting a large amount of anesthetic into the trouble area. This additional fluid causes the fat to swell making it easier to remove.

• UAL uses sound waves to liquefy the fat before removing it. It uses a unique cannula that has a rapid vibration and gives off ultrasound energy. As the energy passes through the fat cells, it liquefies them, and then they are suctioned off.

• PAL uses a motorized cannula that helps break up the fat into smaller pieces making it quicker to remove the fat and more comfortable for the patient.

• Super-wet technique - is similar to the tumescent technique except that it uses less fluid.

• Laser liposuction - with all of the advances in laser technology, laser assisted liposuction is now available.

If you would like to explore your options for liposuction procedures contact a cosmetic surgeon in your area today. They will be able to help direct you to get the best possible results. is a leading resource for liposuction procedure information. Search for a cosmetic surgeon near you today!

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